Lattix Turbocharges Your Ability to Analyze C/C++ Programs

North Reading, MA (5/2/2016) – Lattix, a leading provider of innovative software complexity management solutions, announced the release and immediate availability of powerful new C/C++ analysis tools for Lattix Architect 10. LXBuild monitors the build to generate a specification of the build, enabling accurate C/C++ analysis. Users can analyze dependencies not just by source code but also by source code organized into executables and libraries. Lattix Architect also has improved support for Visual Studio and new C++ standard types.

Lattix Architect now incorporates powerful include file analysis capabilities using checkers. One checker identifies unused include files. Other checkers identify indirectly included files and their dependencies, private declarations designed to avoid the use of include files, include files that have been duplicated, include files included only for the sake of declarations, and more.

“LXBuild and our new checkers will help Lattix customers see valuable analysis results in shorter time,” said Neeraj Sangal, CTO and co-founder of Lattix. “Our new ‘Find Issues’ button quickly displays issues that are of interest and importance to software developers and architects in an actionable form.”
Lattix Architect 10 and Lattix Web are available now directly from Lattix in North America or from its partners throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and South America. More information can be found at

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