Lattix Software Brings back Mudfest for 2016

North Reading, MA (3/17/2016) – Last year Lattix, Inc. introduced the software development community to Mudfest. Lattix asked developers and architects to present their most degraded and complex code for architectural analysis. When software architecture erodes severely, accurate documentation of the code is almost impossible. The purpose of Mudfest 15 was for the team at Lattix to help document every software project presented to them. With this understanding of architecture and dependency mapping, participants had shorter ramp up time on projects and accelerated development cycles.

Developers answered with massive C/C++ projects, tangled enterprise Java code, and even a bit of legacy Ada. Not only was the software analyzed and documented but the developers also received detailed dependency maps of the code.

Neeraj Sangal, CTO and co-founder of Lattix, explains: “While every codebase is different, the issues developers encounter are very similar. Accurate documentation of the software’s architecture is the basis for successful development. Without this knowledge development teams do not know where to concentrate their efforts.”

In connection with the recent release of Lattix Architect 10, Lattix is announcing Mudfest 16. Lattix Architect 10 introduces processing that facilitates discovering and organizing architectural issues. Architectural concerns can now be uncovered with no knowledge of the code. The issues addressed include object-oriented design issues, powerful include file analysis, and complex architecture problems.
To participate in Mudfest 16 visit and request a free trial.

When requesting your trial select the box “I want to be part of Mudfest16.” You will receive a fully functioning evaluation copy of Lattix Architect 10. Participants will have email access to the Lattix support team, whitepapers, and instructional videos on architecture analysis.

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