Lattix Introduces Lattix Architect 11

North Reading, MA (7/11/2018) – Lattix, Inc., a leading provider of innovative software architecture management solutions, has announced the release and immediate availability of Lattix Architect 11 and Lattix Web 11.

"We’re excited about this release of Lattix 11. In it, we have addressed needs of the growing DevOps community," said Neeraj Sangal, CTO and co-founder of Lattix. “We listened to the feedback from our dedicated and enthusiastic users and added capabilities to our products that support the methods and processes by which software is being developed and deployed today.”

Lattix 11 introduces a range of new features aimed at facilitating and improving the continuous integration process. Dedicated to the elimination of software architecture erosion, Lattix 11 fits into current DevOps tool chains and boasts deep integrations with Visual Studio™, SonarQube™, Jenkins, and Jira™. Lattix 11 pushes the use of the command line interface, LDC, to the front of the process, driving even more value in the CI environment.

Lattix Architect 11, Lattix Web 11, and LDC are available now directly from Lattix in North America or from one of its partners throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and South America. More information can be found at

About Lattix Architect

Lattix Architect is a desktop application that enables you to create dependency models of your systems, including applications, databases, services, and configuration files. With Lattix Architect, you can analyze your architecture in detail, edit the structure to create what-if and should-be architectures, and create design rules to formalize and communicate that architecture to your entire development organization.

About Lattix, Inc.

Lattix is a leading innovator of software architecture and complexity management solutions that deliver higher quality, accelerate development timeframes, reduce development and maintenance costs, and lower risk throughout the application lifecycle.

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