.NET Issues

  1. How do I create a project for .NET?
  2. .NET projects are created by loading in any .NET assemblies and executables into Lattix.

  3. What is the level of granularity supported for .NET?
  4. .NET projects allow you to look at dependencies at an arbitrary granularity. For instance, you can see the dependencies organized as assemblies, namespaces, classes/interfaces, method and data members or any combination of these elements.

  5. Sometimes the View Source Menu remains greyed out. How can I navigate to the line in code for a dependency?
  6. .NET module reads the dll or the exe to figure out the pdb file. From the pdb file, it figures out the source file. If the pdb file is not found or if the source file is not found, the View Source Menu will be greyed out. It will also be greyed out if you explicitly turn off the option to read source file information from pdb.

  7. When I load dll files, I see a message on the console that certain files are not .NET assemblies. Can Lattix process those assemblies?
  8. The Lattix .NET module can read and process assemblies containing both managed and native code. The managed code assemblies will be analyzed from namespaces down to classes and interfaces, and further down to methods and data members. The native assemblies will be analyzed for exported and imported methods. Lattix will also discover dependencies between managed and native assemblies.