Management Team

Frank Waldman, Founder and President

Frank co-founded in Lattix in 2004 with Neeraj Sangal, following several years of research and engagement with the DSM community and MIT. Frank brings over 30 years of successful corporate leadership to Lattix. He has direct operating experience managing software, manufacturing, development, and service companies with an emphasis in software development and technology. He has held positions in business development, sales, marketing, and operations for innovative technology start-ups and mid-sized multi-national companies. In addition to Lattix, Frank is co-founder and VP Business Development of Verifa, a global services partner of Lattix offering its expertise in integrating architectural analysis into modern CI/CD DevOps pipelines. Prior to Lattix, Frank launched an internet software company which was acquired by Eigner PLM, and ran its global business development until it was acquired by Oracle. Frank graduated with BS/MS degrees from MIT and fo-founded a technology company with his professor. Frank holds patents related to the application of DSM to software.

Neeraj Sangal, Founder and CTO

Neeraj was the founder and CEO of Tendril Software, which was acquired by BEA/Webgain. The Tendril product, StructureBuilder, was at the core of Webgain's model based development strategy. Tendril was a pioneer in UML models for Java - it was the first to come up with seamless code and model synchronization capability. Tendril was also the leader in applying this capability to the creation, verification and deployment of Enterprise Java Beans. Neeraj was previously founder and CTO of Metrix Network Systems and was responsible for the creation of the NetMetrix suite, an award winning application for Network monitoring and analysis. Metrix was acquired by Hewlett Packard (HP) and HPs related product offering was merged with it. At HP, Neeraj eventually headed up a development organization located at three different geographical centers. Neeraj focused on management practices, software process improvements and on the use of tools for running an effective distributed development organization. Neeraj holds an MS in Computer Engineering and MEng in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology. Neeraj has published articles and papers in magazines and conferences. Neeraj holds patents related to UML and DSMs.

Board of Directors

Neeraj Sangal, Founder and CTO

Ev Jordan, Founder

Ev, as VP of Advanced Technologies, oversaw the development of Eigner's product lifecycle management software solutions with a focus on J2EE, Extensible Markup Language (XML) and other Web-based technologies. Previously, Ev served as Vice President of development for FabConnect until its acquisition by Eigner in 2001. At INSO Corporation he was responsible for Corporate Products, including the multi award-winning Quick View Plus (QVP) and Outside In Server (OIS). Ev also served as a member of the management team at EBT through its acquisition by INSO, where he managed a large team responsible for building the XML/SGML based DynaText publishing system, a cross platform, multi-lingual electronic publishing system. Ev holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Brown University.

Matthew Russell

Matt has been a successful entrepreneur and investor for almost 30 years. He has been responsible for and served on the Boards of numerous successful startups including Tendril Software, FabConnect, and VitalSigns Software. Matt was a founder and CEO of Metrix Network Systems, which was acquired by Hewlett Packard. Matt holds a BS from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Board of Advisors

Nick Kimball, former CEO and President, Lattix

Nick advises Lattix as its former CEO and President. Nick was CEO of Momentum Data Systems, a developer of audio and video digital signal processing solutions, where he positioned the company in new markets and directed the expansion of the company’s product line. Previously, Nick was Chief Operating Officer then President and Chief Executive Officer at Castel, a manufacturer of call management communications hardware and software, where he led a successful turn-around effort at this privately funded company. Prior to Castel, he held executive positions at Tendril Software, a Java development tools software start-up where Nick was Vice President Sales and Marketing. Mr. Kimball led this early stage company through product development and early rapid sales growth, culminating in the negotiation and sale of the company to BEA/WebGain in 2000, where he worked on acquisition transition issues and strategic alliances.

Prof. Steve Eppinger, Deputy Dean and GM LFM Professor, Sloan School of Management, MIT

Steven Eppinger is an expert in product development and project management whose research deals with how to understand and improve complex development processes, such as those for automobiles, airplanes, and computer systems, and how to organize development teams consisting of hundreds of people. He also examines design methods and practices for small and large products alike. Eppinger is co-author of Product Design and Development (McGraw-Hill, 1995, 2000, 2004), a widely used textbook on structured methods for product development.

Prof. Daniel Jackson, Lab for Computer Science, MIT

Daniel Jackson leads the Laboratory for Computer Science's Software Design Group. He received an MA from Oxford University (1984) in Physics, and his SM (1988) and PhD (1992) from MIT in Computer Science. He was a software engineer for Logica UK Ltd. (1984-1986), and Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University (1992-1997). He sits on the editorial board of ACM TOPLAS, ACM TOSEM and Springer Verlag's Software Tools for Technology Transfer, and has served on the programme committee of more than 20 international conferences, including FSE, ISSTA, OOPSLA and CAV. He has broad interests in several areas of software construction, including development methods, automatic analysis of designs and specifications, and reverse engineering of code.

Kent Summers, MIT VMS Program

Kent Summers advises Lattix through the MIT Venture Mentoring Services program, where he is an active mentor. Kent is a Partner with Garofalo & Associates LLC, a Boston-based investment banking firm that provides provides M&A advisory services to emerging growth software companies. Prior to G&A, Kent served as Chairman & CEO of Collego Corporation (acquired by MRO Software), founder and CEO of MyHelpdesk, Inc. (acquired by PC Support, Inc.), and VP of marketing at Electronic Book Technologies (acquired by INSO Corporation). Kent is a co-founding member of the W3C Technical Advisory Board (MIT 1994), and served as a director with the X Consortium and OASIS.