Licensing and Pricing


About Lattix Architect Licensing

Lattix Architect uses node-locked licenses, which can be either perpetual or subscription. A license includes the names of the product modules purchased (Java, .Net, C/C++, etc.). Licenses can include one or more modules.

The node-locked license is bound to one computer. Node-locked licenses cannot be used on virtual machines.

Perpetual licenses have no expiration date. Typical commercial licenses are perpetual. A commercial license includes maintenance and support for the first year. After the first year, maintenance and support is renewed for 20% of the license cost.

Subscription licenses are time-limited. You purchase a renewal prior to the expiration of the subscription.

Evaluation licenses are time-limited.

About Lattix Web Licensing

Lattix Web offers unlimited user and project licenses. Access to Lattix Web requires a username and password. These can be setup when Lattix Web is first installed or at any point. The license type is the same as the Lattix Architect license type (subscription or perpetual). A valid Lattix Architect license is required for the use of Lattix Web.


Please contact Lattix or one of our international channel partners to review pricing based on your requirements. Volume pricing is available.