Lattix Architect

Understand, Define, and Control System Architecture

Dependency Structure Matrix

Lattix Architect is a desktop application that enables you to create Dependency Models of your systems, including applications, databases, services, and configuration files. With Lattix Architect, you can analyze your architecture in detail, edit the structure to create what-if and should-be architectures, and create design rules to formalize, communicate, and enforce that architecture.

Lattix Architect 10 introduces onboard processing that facilitates discovering and organizing architectural issues. Architectural concerns can now be uncovered with no knowledge of the code. The issues addressed include object-oriented design issues, powerful include file analysis, and complex architecture problems.

  • Understand the detailed dependency of every low level element
  • Decomposition hierarchy enables massive scalability
  • Re-engineer systems and generate work list
  • Design rules allow precise specification of layering and componentization
  • Control how 3rd party libraries are used
  • Metrics to measure complexity, stability, cyclicality, coupling and other measures
  • Open API to extend, customize and integrate into tool chain*