DevOps and Continuous Integration


Automate Architecture Compliance

Analyzing the architectural integrity of large complex applications is a difficult task yet crucial to ensure systems don’t fail. Development teams need the reliable, automated DevOps solutions from Lattix to enforce architectures that deliver efficiency and stability to business critical applications.

Provide Visibility

Software development organizations must be certain that the software architecture design is being implemented and adhered to. In the DevOps/CI world where developers are coding and deploying faster than ever, architecture reviews need to happen at the speed of your development teams’ deployment. This is accomplished with our Jenkins and SonarQube plugins. Define architecture guidelines at the beginning of your project. Then perform consistent checks with each new iteration to ensure compliance.

Avoid Risk

Catching architecture errors early will reduce the cost and risk of software failures in the short term while reducing the maintenance costs of the system over its lifespan.


Lattix offers integrations with Jenkins, SonarQube, and Jira out of the box. And with its flexible command line options, Lattix can be integrated into your current development process allowing for continuous testing and feedback.


Documenting and sharing architecture dependencies while including real time feedback to development teams leads to high software quality and high performing systems.

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