Lattix for Fortran

Lattix for Fortran enables you to analyze the architecture of Fortran applications in terms of the system elements and their interrelationships.

The DSM of the open-source game, DungeonX , which readily identifies how it is layered but cyclically coupled

Included in Lattix for Fortran is an integration with Understand from Scitools, leveraging its fast and accurate code analysis capabilities to build the most comprehensive dependency model for Fortran systems. *Requires a license of Understand , which can purchased from Scitools. (click here for a free evaluation from Scitools)


In addition to the standard Lattix key features, Lattix for Fortran has these unique capabilities:

  • specify and control the high level relationships between directories, source files, and common blocks.
  • explore dependencies between source files, methods, variables, types, and common blocks.
  • kinds of dependencies supported include: typed, data (read and modify), module use (entity, rename entity), and invoke (call and call pointer).


Lattix for Fortran
Platforms Windows 2000 and later, Linux, Mac OS X
Input Sources Understand udb files for supported Fortran versions including FORTRAN 77, FORTRAN 90, FORTRAN 95, and FORTRAN 2003 in both free and fixed format. Extensions supported include Harris FORTRAN and DEC FORTRAN


System Requirements Required: 512 MB of RAM
Recommended for Large System Analysis: 2GB for 32-bit & 4GB for 64-bit OS Java 1.5 or later