Case Studies

Case Studies

L.L. Bean Case Study

Read how L.L. Bean used Lattix Architect to manage their software architecture. Grab the case study here.

Research Papers and Presentations

Alten PTS Case Study on Managing Dependencies Between Software Modules Using DSM

In this case study, Johan van den Muijsenberg of Alten PTS presents Managing Dependencies between Software Modules using DSM at the 2012 Bits & Chips Embedded Systems Conference in the Netherlands. This presentation includes a case study of Vanderlande Industries use of Lattix to automatically monitor the dependency structure of the source code by integration of dependency rules into their build process.

Ricoh Case Study on Architecture Migration Using DSM in a Large-Scale Software Project

In this case study that was presented at the 14th international DSM conference,

Ricoh discusses how it utilized architecture techniques for their product lines and report the results of applying the techniques to their digital camera software.

Forrester Case Study on Wipro's Lean IT Initiatives

In Your Journey To Lean: Continuous Improvement Supported By Tools, Forrester interviewed the executives responsible for the deployment of the Lean continuous improvement initiative at Wipro Technologies, a global supplier of technology services. DSM played a key role as a significant part of Wipro's Lean tool kit.

Philips Healthcare Presentation

In Software Analysis at Philips Healthcare, Matthijs Wessels presents the use of Lattix to identify issues with the architecture and dependencies of a commercial X-ray system.

Daiwa Institute of Research Case Study

Daiwa Institute of Research gains valuable insight into complicated and mission-critical stock trading systems using Lattix. The key benefit was the ability to understand the current system and analyze change impacts and establish a reliable quality management process. (In Japanese)