Take Advantage of our Expertise

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Are you facing challenges because you do not have an accurate blueprint of your system? Take advantage of our expertise and experience in assisting hundreds of customers in analyzing their systems. In just a few hours or days depending upon the size of your system, Lattix consultants can perform an architecture assessment at your site or via a private web session. First we will create an initial Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) using Lattix Architect, our award-winning software architecture management product. We will then transform this DSM with your input as we create a conceptual architecture which reflects your intended architecture. The assessment will identify opportunities to improve the system by eliminating those dependencies which violate the architecture and by increasing modularity to reduce complexity and the impact of change.

Have Lattix Assess your Software

Schedule your assessment. Let us show you how easy it is to apply our approach on your software architecture. The Lattix professional services team can conduct an on-site software architecture assessment of your system. Choose a sufficiently large system which currently poses difficulties and we will deliver an assessment which will show how the architecture can be improved.

Try a JumpStart Project

Schedule a project or workshop. Let us show you how easy it is to deploy our Solutions in your organization to support your quality initiatives. The Lattix professional services team can work with you to apply each aspect of the Lattix process to a selected software system: analyze, define, communicate, measure, and control. The JumpStart project includes one permanent license of Lattix Architect.