Command Line Applications (LDC)


What is LDC?

LDC command-line applications can be used to automate the process of checking and updating the dependency model. LDC is at the heart of our DevOps and Continuous Integration support.

Here are some common uses for LDC applications:

  • Create a new model or update a current model while maintaining a history of dependencies.
  • Generate reports in a variety of formats and configured to contain a variety of information. Maintain a history of reports. The available formats include xml, html, text, xls, csv, jpg and png. The contents of the report include how the new model is different from the old one, what rule violations were found, as well as a variety of data such as metrics, DSM, usage, and work list.
  • Run custom scripts on projects.
  • Publish and extract projects into and from the repository.

LDC Videos

Check out some of our instructional videos.