December 2011

Lattix 7.0 Profiles

We released Lattix 7.0 last month and its been a hectic time.

Let's take a quick glance at history. Lattix 6.0 was released last year and was followed up by a point release every month, each adding significant new features and usability.

We now have the platform for the next round of improvements. I will discuss various new features of Lattix in my upcoming blog postings. Today we will talk about the concept of a Profile, new in Lattix 7.0.

Lattix 7.0 sports 4 different profiles:

What is Profile?

A profile is a configuration of Lattix that comprises of related modules, tools, scripts, and default settings to support a common usage pattern.

Consider just a few examples (these are just examples, each profile has many more capabilities):

  • You are doing C/C++ development. If you are working on a mobile device, you may also have an interest in understanding how your Java application uses JNI to call into C/C++ based services. If your code is strongly object oriented, you may be interested in combining source(cpp) and header(hpp) into a single abstraction.
  • You are applying Lattix to Java applications. It is highly probable that you also care about Spring, Hibernate, EJBs, Hibernate and other frameworks. You may even have an interest in databases.
  • Your primary environment is a .NET based enterprise. You want to understand how managed code interacts with unmanaged code. You may also want to understand how the schemas, tables, stored procedures of your SQL Server are organized.
  • You are an expert in DSMs. You use Lattix for its powerful restructuring and impact analysis capabilities. Your data is in Excel. You are used to different conventions for dependencies and ordering.

A profile makes Lattix easier to use and gives visibility to a host of related capabilities that are built into Lattix.

What if your use of Lattix does not correspond to one of these profiles? In that case, you always have the ALL profile, which makes all the modules, tools and scripts available. In fact, the intrepid users can create their own profile or alter an existing profile.