Conquering the complexity of large systems requires understanding dependencies within and across all parts of the system, including applications, services, frameworks, and databases.

Lattix has pioneered an award-winning approach using system interdependencies to create the most scalable blueprint of entire systems.

Lattix Solutions provide many features, modules, tools, and scripts which make it easy to specify, measure, enforce, and refactor the architecture and dependencies of any system.

  • Discover and map the architecture to the actual implementation, creating an accurate system blueprint and understanding for the entire development and QA teams
  • Find, fix, and prevent bad dependencies utilizing powerful DSM algorithms and tools, to improve system quality and maintainability
  • Conduct impact analysis across the entire system to identify and assess the risks and costs of proposed changes on selected system elements, such as how fields or stored procedures in a database can affect applications and services either directly or indirectly
  • Measure, track, and report on changes in your system using the Lattix Repository, which automatically updates with trends of key metrics, dependencies, and violations of rules that you set to enforce the intended architecture

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