Klocwork Insight 10 Integration

Lattix is pleased to build on its long-standing relationship with Klocwork with a new integration of Lattix Architect 9.0 and Klocwork Insight 10. This seamless integration allows you to enjoy the visualization of Conceptual Architecture Diagrams (CAD) combined with the power of Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) technology.

  • Dual view solution – switch between CAD and DSM views
  • Support for projects composed of multiple technologies and languages

You can extend the scope of the Lattix model by adding dependency information for other languages and for other systems that interact with the software source code such as quality assurance, testing plans, and business processes.

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Key Features

  • Seamless integration
  • Conceptual Architecture Diagrams (AD) and Dependency Structure Matrices (DSM)
    • Easily switch between the AD and DSM view of the same project
  • Complete support for C++
    • Identify unnecessary includes in C++
    • Class-based view
    • Robert Martin Metrics for Object-Oriented Systems: Efferent, Afferent, Instability, Distance
  • Full command line support
    • Full automation
  • Algorithm support for architecture discovery (partitioning, clustering, hints for removing dependencies)
  • Development Lifecycle support
    • Lattix models automatically update as Klocwork projects are updated
    • Lattix integrates with build and issue tracking systems
  • Built-in reports such as impact analysis
  • Smart Checkers automatically identify architectural issues such as poor inheritance implementations
  • Support for the current and previous versions of Klocwork Insight
  • Support for multiple technologies in a single project
    • Combine C++ with Java and .NET, for example

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