The Lattix System

Discover, Optimize and Control your System

The Lattix System is a suite of desktop and web applications, command line utilities, and a web-based repository to empower your development organization. Architects and developers can analyze their systems in detail, edit the structure to improve the design, and specify rules to formalize and communicate the architecture to the entire organization. The result is better quality, improved reliability, and higher productivity. Lattix Solutions configure the modules, tools, and scripts in the Lattix System to make it easier to deploy and apply Lattix to your systems. Learn more about Lattix Solutions for Embedded Systems, Enterprise Systems, or Complex Systems.

Consider these distinct advantages of Lattix:

  • Precise - The matrix representation leverages the system hierarchy to aggregate dependencies and provide a precise big picture view. The LDZ file can be automatically synchronized with every build to identify changes and architectural violations. Developers can focus on their part of the system while maintaining the big picture.
  • Highly Scalable - The power of the hierarchy and the compact matrix representation enables the DSM to scale from hundreds to tens of thousands of classes . The Lattix approach has been successfully applied to many large commercial systems in a various industries, including financial services and telecommunications.
  • Easy to Adopt - Lattix automatically extracts dependencies and builds the DSM within seconds, so it is easy to deploy at any time in the software lifecycle. Architectural patterns are easy to discover and enforce in the DSM.